Rotax Max Challenge South Africa

What’s new in 2017 in South African Rotax karting?

Welcome to the 17th running of the South African Rotax Max Challenge series. This highly popular and competitive National series has qualified close to 200 drivers to participate in the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals on 6 continents and in many different countries. The RMCGF is without question the most prestigious and competitive karting event in the world. Champions from more than 60 countries have to qualify for an invitation to participate – there is no other way, no wild cards or credit cards!

SARMC National racing in 2016 was really strong from the Maxterino 60’s to the DD2s. Well done to our Champions and especially the team for performing so well in Italy – had rain in the prefinals not spoilt most of our drivers chances we would have had more great results. Well done Jayden Els for winning the Mini Max World title in a spectacular fashion – watch this guy’s career in future. Maxterino 8-11, Mini Max 10-13, Junior Max 12-15, Senior Max 14+, DD2 15+ and Masters 32+ will all run South African National Championships in 2017 and Micro Max 7-11 will run on the Regional and National race days as a supporting event but with a big prize – a seat in the 2017 RMCGF Micro Max class!

While the rules are subject to final MSA confirmation, 2017 will use a scoring system similar to last year’s including four regional races. The best 10 out of 13 National races for the year plus regional point scoring will determine the 2017 Champions!

The first National event will be on the newly resurfaced Vereeniging circuit on Monday the 20th of March 2017, the second round in Cape Town on Saturday the 29th of April 2017, Idube hosts the third round on Saturday the 8th of July 2017 and the final round is on Sunday the 24th of September 2017 at Zwartkops. As usual the SARMC final round will have four scoring races on the day.

A Cadet Festival and the 125 GP Shifters will feature at the final event in September. This year’s calendar looks great and spreads the National season from March to end September. The Africa Open date and venue will be finalized shortly. This year’s RMCGF will be held in the second week of November in Algarve Portugal.

Technical rules will as always follow the published Rotax International Technical rules with a few exceptions to suit South African needs and subject to MSA approval. Senior and DD2 classes. Mojo tyres will be used again and the same compounds as used 2016 will apply. The number of practice tyres for official practice at Nationals will be restricted to limit costs.  A separate “Supplementary Technical regulation for the SARMC 2017” will set these details out.

The Rotax EVO program has improved the user friendliness and brought the performance of the engines ever closer and for 2017 there are some exciting “upgrade” options. A new method of manufacture of Junior (Micro and Mini) cylinders has been introduced using 3-D digital printing to accurately produce the critical core of the cylinder – a world first in two stroke engines! This combined with fully CNC machining of the entire exhaust duct in the cylinder and front port results in a new standard of performance and 100% repeatability. The 2017 ECU’s (Engine Control Unit) have been reprogrammed to make jetting easier – this applies to Junior and Senior Max only. These new cylinders and ECU’s will be available at 50% less than the retail price on exchange for a limited period. These items are not compulsory but highly recommended if you are not 100% happy with your engine’s performance. Details will follow soon and availability expected in December 2016.  

Dates of Regional events counting for the 2017 SARMC will be published shortly.

MAX Verstappen started in Mini MAX and now is turning F1 on its head! South African Champion drivers like Leeroy Poulter, Mark Cronje, Cristiano Morgado and more are proud RMCGF winners. Kelvin and Sheldon van der Linde are other Rotax Mini Max champions making names for themselves in the World of motor racing. Join the classes that produce real champions!

Rotax stands for fairness and we always strive to level the playing field and reduce costs. Thanks for participating in 2016 and Happy Maxing in 2017!

Rotax Max Challenge South Africa